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Ninja Float Tank Ventilation Fan

Ninja Float Tank Ventilation Fan

From 2016 to 2020 Mandala provided the float industry with a novel solution to a pernicious problem in many float tanks. The problem was air quality in the float chamber, and the solution was the Ninja Fan, a 3D printed housing for silent & durable computer ventilation fans to improve the air quality in float tanks and float cabins. We received countless praises for improving literally thousands upon thousands of floats worldwide.

After a nice long sabbatical and with the addition of four new team members (two human, two robot) to share the workload, Luke has redesigned the classic Ninja Fan to be much more simple to produce, more durable in the long run, and if you ask him just simply more sexy. With this improved design comes a tremendous savings in cost. Where the ever popular Ninja fan sold for $180 plus shipping you can now get the same functionality for just $95 plus shipping.

Behold the next generation Ninja Fan <3  She's here to make sure our float tanks feel as great as possible so that we may more positively affect the human population through this amazing medium of floatation therapy.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on 3D Printed Housing

    The Ninja housing is guaranteed for life against any kind of structural failure of the 3D printed fan housing.

    This warranty does not extend to new owners if sold, and it does not extend past the life of Mandala Float LLC if we decide to close or sell the business.

    In the event of a failure we would just need to see a photo and we'll send you a new one out. But this is simply not going to happen. We use this same material to hold 24 oz water bottles on our mountain bikes through all the seasons smashing through rock gardens and landing hard after big jumps. Go ahead and smack it.

  • 1 Year Warranty on Fan & Power Supply

    When we hand assemble our beloved Ninjas at our float center in South Dakota we take care to seal the 12v electrical junctions as effectively as possible with liquid electrical tape. The fan itself is waterproof, but the junctions are not. So as long as you don't expose the junctions to moisture these electrical components should last many years. Worst case scenario, if your fan fails after 12 months from shipping date, we're talking about a $24 fan including tax and fast shipping from Amazon. The purchase links are provided in the package you receive when you purchase a fan. 

    Please note fan failure is extremely rare. We've sold over 300 of these fans worldwide and have received less than a dozen reports of failure over the course of 7 years.

    If the fan and/or power supply fails within 1 year we will need you to send it back to us at your cost. If the failure is not determined to be user error we will send you new parts plus a refund for the cost of your one way shipping. Just send us a photo of the shipping receipt.

  • Installation Guide

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