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Mandala Float
Uniquely High Quality Float Rooms



We are a niche company specializing in

custom floatation therapy rooms.

We love what what we do,

and we would be honored to help

you create your dream wellness facility.

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All body types can comfortably access the float environment.


Deep Wellness Float Systems are integrated into the rooms around them, creating coherent atmospheres that appeal to all.


Draw on our specialized experience and skillset throughout your construction process.

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"Our open float tank from Mandala is the perfect option to help bridge the gap for our guests who might not otherwise float due to claustrophobia or limiting mobility issues entering and existing our other tank options.  We all have different comfort levels and personal preferences and the Mandala open concept is ideal for meeting people where they're at.  And the best part is knowing our open tank provides the same sensory relief experience."


Rick + Kym

Ebb & Float, Columbus, OH


  • Custom float rooms integrate into spaces where other float tanks cannot fit

  • Immensely customizable atmosphere & function

  • Common software & hardware is familiar territory for contractors & operators alike


  • Mitigates claustrophobia concerns

  • Truly wonderful quality of float 

  • 8' by 4'8" float area accommodates larger bodies or two individuals​

  • Ease of access for mobility impaired

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"Adding a Mandala open float tank was an easy choice. From the beginning customer service was accessible, knowledgeable and went above to ensure we were educated and satisfied. Shipping was hassle free and came well protected with clear instructions on how to install. A customized client portal includes easy to use software with all the details for your contractor.

I’ve had dozens of compliments about the float quality in the Mandala open float room, with focus on size, temperature and audio/light quality. We have several clients with significant physical restrictions that are thrilled with the easy access."



Floating Therapy

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