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Concept to Creation

Ergonomic, Reliable, & Beautiful Float Tanks

Our equipment fits your taste, is easy to operate,

and is built to last.

Created, Supported, and Enjoyed by Float Enthusiasts

Drawing on our 30+ years of combined float room construction experience, our equipment is tried and true to deliver the ideal float environment.

Open Float Pool

Float Pool

Our high quality float pool is made in the USA in a dedicated facility. 

The spacious 8' by 4'8" float area is perfect for nearly all sizes of individuals, and most couples.

Undertak, inline, and overhead heaters

Heating System

Silent and robust, our Under Tank, In Line, & Overhead Infrared Heating Systems effortlessly maintain the solution & air temperatures in your float room.

Filteration System

Filtration System

Our filtration system incorporates technologies that make sense for float rooms, including:

  • Reliable magnetic drive pump

  • Surface skimmer

  • AOP sanitation (UV + Ozone = optimal sanitation)

  • 1 micron filter

This symphony takes care of the float solution for you so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Light and Audio Fade

Light & Audio Fades

Automated lighting and music cues end the float session in a gentle and effective manner, operated via mobile app.


Includes: Smart LED Lighting System, Stereo Receiver & Connections, Bluetooth stereo connectivity option.

Underwater Transducer Speakers


Embedded sound transfer plates and high quality audio transducers bring underwater sound to life.

Underwater LED light

Underwater Lighting System

Our hand-built fiber optic lighting system is fail-safe, and has 8 color options, a dimmer, and fading options. This beautiful light is user controlled with an air button from the float pool.

Insulation Footing

Insulation Footing

An essential insulative and supportive layer that goes between your float pool and the floor.

On-Call Customer Support

On Call Support

We're not just float room designers, we are float center owners. Our knowledge base is priceless. Reach one of us via phone, text, and email throughout your installation process.

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

We include an illustrated manual of the best installation practices we have found.

Free shipping

Free Shipping

Free crating & shipping to the lower 48 on float pool & all components.

warranty symbol


All Mandala systems come with a 5-year warranty on the pool and under tank heating system, plus a 1-year warranty on small parts.

Get Inspired

Let's build your dream float room.

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