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Matthew Blystone,

Theta Wellness Center

"Since we have installed the fans, the amount of people that have had to open the door to the tanks due to humidity has dropped immensely. I will never run a tank without one again."

Matt Soper,

The Float Experience

"I absolutely love these fans! My clients are really digging them too, and have all given positive feedback.  Thanks so much for getting them out to me so quickly, I'm super happy I pulled the trigger on these :)"

An experienced Ninja

is a good Ninja.

Since 2016 Mandala has provided the float industry with a novel way to mitigate condensation & improve the felt sense of breath within traditional enclosed float tanks.
Our previous design was labor intensive, had some design flaws, and was pretty expensive at $185 plus shipping. Despite its shortcomings the original Ninja Fan was a great solution, and we shipped them around the world. A handful of float tank manufacturers also purchased them from us in bulk to include in their finished product.
The new Ninja V2 is an evolved version, with all the wonderful effects in a slim & efficient package.

Meet Ninja V2

Ninja mascot.png

A note on CO2:

Thanks to modern researchers and pulmonauts throughout the ages we are beginning to understand some of the benefits of CO2 in varying concentrations, including strong doses. For a deep dive on our modern understanding of CO2, and more aspects of the big picture of breath, check out James Nestor's book Breath. You may be pleasantly surprised to know that one of the champions of the float industry, Dr. Justin Feinstein has been doing some work with the remedial powers of high concentrations of CO2. One of the inherent qualities of CO2 however, is that high levels of CO2 make people freak out in a very powerful way. It's for this reason we at Mandala aren't fond of raised levels of CO2 within a float chamber. Of course it's not just CO2 excess that needs evacuated from a float chamber, there are all the other things we are exhaling that are best not to continually rebreathe. So from both a theoretical and an experiential standpoint we believe floating is best served with a continual subtle supply of fresh air. Enter the Ninja.

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