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We are StokeMonster. Our family of maker mountain bikers resides in Rapid City, South Dakota. Here we own Deep Wellness Center with sauna, cold plunge, float tanks, and more. We also put in a lot of time & effort developing our local freeride mountain biking terrain. We have played the leading role in developing Thunderdog, Rapid City's first progressive flow trail with giant jumps & berms, and Buffaloberry, a beginner level flow trail with giant berms and an easy climb back to the top. With those under our belt we are now working on even bigger things for the Black Hills freeriding scene. We enjoy riding our bikes, being of service to our community, and creating new things that aim to make life more enjoyable.

Luke (above left, dad) has been developing his own products of many kinds for the wholistic wellness industry since 2016. Some of these products are 3D printed, some are formed in a fiberglassing facility, and some are put together from unrelated industries to fulfill a unique need. The son of a bicycle shop owner, Luke worked in his dad's bike shop for many years and then traveled the world as a snowboard bum for over 10 years before settling down with Monica (above center, mom) and her three children Milia, Layton, and Eli (pictured below). Soon came Shanti (10yo, above right) and Nio (5yo, above center), and now we've got an in-house party of wonderful companions.

In 2019 Luke began blending his design skills with his desire for some ergonomic solutions for his day to day MTB lifestyle. A few years of R&D later, and field tested through the seasonal extremes of the MidWest, we are confident that our Amphibian double water bottle adapter is the best water bottle adapter on the market. The Amphibian has the benefits of all the other double water bottle adapters put together, for about half the price of some of them. We're stoked to now release this beloved little creature out into the wild.

Each Amphibian is 3D printed and then assembled by Luke, Nio, Eli, and/or Shanti. We're stoked to help you get one on your bike(s) so they can make all your rides better from here forward!

StokeMonsters in action

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