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The Amphibian is our totally awesome double water bottle adapter for bicycles. The product of over 3 years of rigorous research and development, this little friend is light, strong, and adaptable enough to suit all types of bikes from department store to ultra-high end downhill to fatbike to gravel grinder. 3D printed of ultra-tough TPU and assembled by our little StokeMonsters (age 5 & 10), these home-made beauties are ready to be put to the test and come with a 2 year warranty.

Be sure to measure the distance from the center of your bottom bracket to the first (lowest) bottle bolt on your frame. If this distance is at least 11" you can use the main bolt holes in the body of the Amphibian and you won't need any zip ties. If this distance is less than 11" you should add one GripLock Tie. If this distance is less than 8.5" add two GripLock Ties. And if your frame has no bottle cage bolts at all you can still rock an Amphibian! Just add three GripLock Ties and get that heavy pack off your back.

Also check our prices on water bottles & cages. We get the good stuff, and we have it at a very competetive price because of our family business model. Buy it all together and we'll ship it in a compostable mailer.

Total weight of Amphibian: 45g

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