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Care Kit

Care Kit

A simple trailside wound care kit that fits inside your steer tube. Simply fold the top over and press up from below the fork.

(2) alchohol prep pads  *For cleaning wounds & prepping them to be covered with Band-Aid(s)

(2) ibuprofen total 400 mg  *For managing pain

triple antibiotic ointment packet  *For coating a wound before covering with Band-Aid(s)

(2) 1" x 3" Band-Aids *For covering a wound after cleaning
<<Optional>> Hugger Mugger yoga wipe  *This towel smells amazing, made with real essential oils. It gets big when wet. Use this towel as emergency toilet paper, to clean a larger wound, or to freshen up after a sweaty ride. Wipe face, armpits, & crotch (in that order) and continue your day in style.


Click on each ingredient for refill link.

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