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Slow Pour Sauna Ladle

Slow Pour Sauna Ladle

At our commercial wellness center we ran into a recurring problem of wooden sauna ladles eventually cracking. Customers often leave the ladle in the water bucket when they are done, which waterlogs the wood, then when it dries it shrinks back to size. Over time this will crack pretty much any common wooden sauna ladle. That is why our Slow Pour Sauna Ladle is 3D printed with the same strong & largely inert plastic that water bottles are made out of. 

While Luke was designing this ladle to solve the problem of cracking wooden ladles he started experimenting with ways to slow down the pour. A slower pour has two key benefits:

  • Slow pours make better loyly (steam),   -- and --
  • Slow pours are easier on electric sauna stove heating elements.

Once we got our favorite pours figured out we started making them in bulk, because these ladles are simply the bomb and there are a lot of saunas out there that are going to want them.


We now offer our unique Slow Pour Sauna Ladles in two sizes: 

  • The standard Slow Pour has a larger capacity and is designed for wood buring saunas, and/or conscious sauna bathers who pour with care.
  • The Commercial Slow Pour Sauna Ladle is designed to help save wear and tear on electric heating elements by having a smaller capacity and slowing the pour with our unique design.

All of our ladles come with a 2 year warranty against melting or breaking with regular use. Note this does not apply if you set the ladle on the stove or the rocks, this would never be a good idea. On that note, it is best to keep the Slow Pour Sauna Ladle on the lower bench instead of the upper, and no closer than 2' from a wood burning stove. This is not vitally important but is just good practice.

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